The Investor for Securities Company provides custody and securities servicing solutions to our investors, including mutual funds, insurance companies, pension funds and banks. These services are underpinned by state-of-the-art client reporting and systems capabilities.


Combining local deployment of world-class technology, proven leadership, comprehensive product and service capabilities in securities services, we meet the needs of a diverse clientele including universal banks, global custodians, market infrastructures, international broker dealers and domestic financial institutions.

Custody Team

CFO and Head of Investment Operations

Raheel Bashir

00966 200 7002 - Ext. 220
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Assistant for Operation's Head

Manea Al-Saleem

00966 200 7002 - Ext.224
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Operation's Officer

Mubarak Al-Mardi

00966 200 7002 - Ext. 223
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Operation's Officer

Khalid Abdulkarim

00966 200 7002 - Ext. 224
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